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What do we stand for?

MEGApodcast, MEGAendorsed & MEGAstore were initiated for the purpose of bringing people together and taking intentional action towards unity. Our product lines are intentionally created to invoke thoughts and feelings that may help lead us all towards our mutual goal: a loving, authentic, compassionate and fair world that we can all thrive in.

MEGA is devoted to promoting self awareness, and facilitating genuine collaborations by leveraging curated network associations.

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In other words, MEGA celebrates and endorses companies and individuals who have taken it upon themselves to improve the planet through intentional action. Whether it be a sustainable housing company, nutritionist, DJ, or even an individual that is dedicated to sharing their wisdom in the hopes of helping others along their journey; we will support them - as long as they have the intention of making Earth great again.

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Those who get it will resonate, and those who do not: will not.
That said, it is our personal mission to lead with love, authenticity, compassion and fairness and as a result, will focus on elevating the voices of those who prioritize doing good while they are having this human experience. 
Do you resonate with this message? 


For any queries: Contact us and discover ways that we can collaborate.

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